Monthly Computer Infrastructure Report as on 31/12/2017
Format - I (Computer Infrastructure)       
S.No. Name of KV No. of Computer Labs No. of Computer labs having LAN connectivity Internet Connectivity (Yes/No) Broadband (Yes/No)
1 WARDHA                      ( MGAHV) 1 1 YES YES
Format - II (Functioning of E-Mail of KV)       
S.No. Name of KV E-Mail Address  If E-Mail address functional ? (Yes/No) Date on which last     E-Mail was sent/received   
1 WARDHA                      ( MGAHV) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. YES 31-12-2017  
Format - III (Functioning of website of KV)       
S.No. Name of KV Has KV its own website ? (Yes/No) If yes, its address It is regularly updated (Yes/No) Date on which it was last updated 
1 WARDHA                      ( MGAHV) YES www.kvwardha.org YES 31-12-2017
Format - IV (Student Computer Ratio)       
S.No. Name of KV Total No. of Students Total No. of Computers Student Computer Ratio  
1 WARDHA                      ( MGAHV) 295 10 29:1  
Format - V (Teachers trained in the use of computers)     
S.No. Name of KV Total No. of Teachers Total No.of teachers trained in the use of computers under the programme "EDUTECH" or otherwise  
1 WARDHA                      ( MGAHV) 10 10